Hello readers!
I am Kandin and this is my blog about mostly healing, but I do tend to wander off in talking about alts or just having a good rant. I had originally started this blog as my catch-all place for talking about WoW-related things, but I needed a bit more of a narrow scope to work in. I don’t intend for anything in here to be a how-to guide or huge posts of theory-crafting; usually just my reflections and what I’m doing that is or is not working for me.

I play WoW with my husband, Kazishini (or Kaz for short) an Affliction/Demonology warlock who seems constantly baffled at my penchant for alts and my fascination for healing things that should not be healed through.

Just to get squared away on who is who and who does what…

Kandin: My first World of Warcraft character. She’ll always be my main, even though I sadly don’t get to do very much on her anymore.
Mertaka: Level 85 Restoration/Elemental Shaman. This is the character I first started healing on and she’s mostly been a blast from Day One.
Crimiia: Level 85 Prot/Holy Paladin. Crimiia is my Draenai-turned-Blood Elf. I started healing on her at the beginning of Cataclysm while they were still mucking around with Resto shamans.
Roneka: Level 85 Holy/Disc Disc/Shadow Shadow(PvP)/Shadow(PvE) Disc(PvP)/Shadow(PvE) Priest. I’ve come to the conclusion that for now at least, priest healing is not in my bag. So in order to prevent total despair with this toon, I’ve taken her back to her first love – melting faces.
Eialla: Level 85 Restoration(PvP)/Feral(PvP-PvE) Druid. Eialla is the newest addition to my merry band of menders. I had originally intended to never heal on her, but queue times while grinding out some of the Wrath reputations sort of demanded it. I’d still rather gank on her than heal. And I hope sometime in the Firelands patch she can be an EPIK FLAME KITTEH.


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