Dungeon Finder Detour

So, I’m taking the afternoon off from dungeoning my DK’s brains out. I’m a bit sad because I’m quite close to a new trinket (and subsequently, a new build), but I think if I get grouped with one more “hurry plz i have raid in 15mins!!!!” or a tank that keeps kiting mobs out from the DPS’ range and then complaining about how the mobs aren’t downed fast enough, I think I’m going to snap. I’m no stranger to just plain old bad parties through the Dungeon Finder. I’ve endured my share of Ret or Fury tanks and hunters with spell power gear. But these past few days….just, I almost don’t understand how some of these people have made it to even the Heroic 5-mans.

But! I have learned some lessons via this…interesting time. And I would like to take a little bit to share some of those lessons with you, patient reader.

1. No one here cares about your raid in 15 minutes. Promise. You joined the queue on your own will without prompting from any of us, so deal with it. We’ll move as fast as we can, but that’s all we can do.
2. Rolling “Need” on plate DPS gear “to pvp in” not only frustrates the plate DPS and makes it look like you don’t know how to PvP.
3. When you queue as heals, that means you kinda have to heal *everybody* in the party – not just yourself and the tank.
4. Congrats on being a new tank – however, it might be wise to not queue as a tank until you have more than one piece of actual tank gear.
4-A. No, resilience gear is not actual tank gear.
5. I don’t care how much extra critical strike rating something gives you, if you’re a hunter, you should not be wearing anything with +spell power.
6. Except for a few cases, kiting mobs out of range from the rest of your party does not make you a l33t, awesome tank.
7. Auto-run does not turn off by screaming “SHIT”

On the raiding front, my husband and I attempted our weekly ICC25 PuG last night with Kandin and his warlock. It’s sort of not really a PuG for my husband and I anymore I don’t think; we’ve run with this guild (who puts on the PuG) for a month now and we talk with them regularly when we seem them around Dal and we get on with them quite well. We have a permanent invite to their raids and to join their guild =O Anywho, the PuG last night was not successful unfortunately. We kept wiping on Marrowgar. There is apparently something difficult to understand about “KILL BONESPIKES.” On the upside though, I finally got my Wodin’s Lucky Necklace ^_^Won it by 2 in the roll! Yea! Now if I could just get a weapon upgrade…Kandin is unfortunately still using Rimbebane Rifle (ilvl 219).

Well, off to cross-stitch and wait out the DF.