Round 2

So, to continue from last post…the husband sent an in-game mail to our ex-raid leader saying that we were sorry he was upset, but we were not happy with the turn the guild was taking and that we tried to leave in the quietest way possible and to accept that we all had left, respect our decisions and to leave us alone.  None of us expected the ex-raid leader to respond, of course. Now that he had all of the “fail” people out of the guild, nothing could stop them from charging into Icecrown and taking Kingslayer glory.

Until this morning.

I will first type in the ex-raid leader’s letters in whole, then I will respond to them. Keep in mind these were responses to my husband, and not me.

(Mail 1)
You kill me…And furthermore…nothing has been said other than you…for the most part…were responsible for failed raids….you may not like it but it’s the truth…so have fun repeating the first 4 in ICC.”

(Mail 2)
“…Further, logging into Vent under others names leaves me to believe that you folks have issues. You left as did the others due to “A Certain Person” stirring up trouble. You will find it to follow you as she is still with you. As far as negative feelings those are yours to deal with. We have moved on and you folks matter little. In fact we have progressed further without you people here. Good luck to you.”

Ok, here we go.
“You kill me…And furthermore…nothing has been said other than you…for the most part…were responsible for failed raids….you may not like it but it’s the truth”
Keep in mind here with this line he is blaming my husband (Kaz) for failed raids. This is important for a future response.
so have fun repeating the first 4 in ICC.”
Nope, I think we had more than our share of the first 4 while in his guild.

“…Further, logging into Vent under others names leaves me to believe that you folks have issues.”
And going apeshit over people leaving your group in a video game somehow suggests you don’t have issues as well?  I think someone wants to play the Projection Game!
You left as did the others due to “A Certain Person” stirring up trouble.”
Oh who is this horrible mysterious person?
“You will find it to follow you as she is still with you.”
….Me, apparently. I’m the only girl that left his guild.
But wait! I thought he just said in his PREVIOUS letter that Kaz was the one responsible? That’s just more of the ex-raid leader’s inconsistency shining through again! If he can’t even remember from one letter to the next who is actually “responsible” then why should we take his word that it’s the truth?
Not to mention the nerve it takes to tell another guy that his wife stirs up trouble and will only continue to do so.
“As far as negative feelings those are yours to deal with.”
There are two possible meanings to this sentence. He is either denying he holds any negative feelings towards us that left (which as shown by these letters is a lie), or he is projecting his own negative feelings onto us and trying to infer that HIS negative feelings are OURS to deal with, or that it’s all our fault that he has negative feelings.
“We have moved on and you folks matter little.”
Again, these letters show quite the opposite. If we matter so little, why 2 letters? Why reply at all?
“In fact we have progressed further without you people here.”
ORLY? That’s funny, I don’t see any Kingslayers in their guild. And I distinctly recall our guild clearing the Plague Wing tonight and someone else’s guild didn’t….hmm….
If ignorance is bliss, this guy must be fucking hysterical.

I try hard to not drop names. I will infer or hint at, but rarely do I ever tack down specifics. But this time, as these events have happened, I can not in good conscience let this group continue to drift in the protective cloud of anonymity. I would not let someone treat me or mine like this in real life, and I certainly will NOT let it slide by as it happens in a virtual environment. Again, as I stated in my last entry, this is not an issue with the game itself; I am not raging because I didn’t get a piece of gear or because the patch decimated my classes. This is a matter of the (real life) people and their words and actions. If any of you readers are on the Horde side of Velen-US server, stay far away from the guild PreEminence. This is how the raid leader and the guild leader treat people that leave their guild. These are the lies they tell themselves and others in the guild to make themselves feel better and to vilify the people who have left and are no longer able to voice their own defense. I have not played the game for many years like other people have, but I think most can agree that behaviours like theirs are the sort of thing that ruin the game for anyone.


Drama Has Us on Follow

In a not particularly surprising turn in the guild split, tonight our ex-raid leader has further gone to show his immaturity and the lengths he’ll go to to protect his fragile ego. I normally would not post details of what was said like this, but I am so upset; I am furious.

One of our old guildmates asked where some of us had gone – he noticed there was a mass exodus the previous night and wasn’t sure if he was out of the loop or what. Our ex-raid leader, keeping in line with his previous behaviours that led up to a bunch of us quitting, replied “Well, let’s just say that we finally got rid of all of the people who were causing the wipes on raids.”

Excuse me?


Yes, clearly it was the 7 of us, and not the other stupid hunter that went into ICC without being hit capped who also stood in Blistering Cold and who dropped Ice Tombs in the middle of the raid. And ran away from the spores on Festergut. And stood in the pretty designs on the floor on Lootship. And melee’d on the Blood Beasts. And then had to ask if he wanted items with Agility and Stamina on them. Nope, clearly not him. His shit is together, obviously.
It also surely was NOT the (priest) tank healer who kept running in front of the dragon and getting cleaved and breathed on.
I’m sure it also isn’t the other tank healer/raid-leader’s girlfriend (a holydin) who is often out-healed by the tank himself and sounds like she’d rather hang herself than be healing in a raid.
I don’t think it’s the Arcane mage gemming for Stamina and mp5 either; he clearly knows what he’s doing.
Or the Survival hunter trying to stack Armor Pen at the expense of Crit.
Or the Fury Warrior using BC and pre-BC gems in his l33t ICC gear (that he started much loot drama over).
Or the other Fury Warrior only doing 2200dps (with the 30% ICC buff).

Yes, looking at these fine individuals, I an now see that the 7 of us were totally the root cause of every single wipe that ever happened in ICC while raiding with our old guild. I understand that not all of the examples I listed above would directly cause a wipe, but it leads me to think that if these individuals can’t even get a handle on some of the basic….workings of their respective class(es), how are they grasping mechanics of encounters?

The 7 of us were pretty well content to just leave without causing a scene (or at least, a big, dramatic scene) and to just let it all blow over and resume raiding on our own to pass the time until Cataclysm. We might have even still offered profession services and help to the old guild if asked. But not now. Not after that. For the ex-raid leader to tell such a blatant bold-faced lie to the entire guild when he knows better – fuck, when he Frappes everything and can go back and SEE for himself – it’s just unacceptable to me. I don’t feel that I’m upset over the game itself. Rather, I am appalled and infuriated by the people I am/have interacted with in the game.

New patch, New beginnings

So, tonight was the night. My husband, myself, and 5 of our friends from the guild we were raiding in finally /gquit. We all did it at the same time, logging out of their Vent beforehand and just going quietly (well, as quietly as 7 people can leave anyways).

I’m not as sad or upset as I thought I’d be. I only will really miss one person from that guild and upon speaking to him later in the evening, he said he had no hard feelings and understood why we left and that he had sorta seen it coming for a while anyways. I still feel like we sort of stiffed him though; the 7 of us that left were sort of the core raiding group; we were the ones that were there on time, with supplies, who knew the fights…and now that guild is left with people who don’t.

We didn’t just gquit into the nothingness though – the past few days we had set up a guild site and planned a guild to get together to start fresh. Our new guild is Sanctis Draconis and we plan on making it into a 10-man guild, which is especially nice with the changes to raid lockouts in Cataclysm.

Speaking of Cataclysm, I am quite nervous for patch 4.0.1! I’m not ready to say good-bye to mana or my quiver and buying arrows on Kandin. I enjoyed buying arrows – in a way it made me feel more hunter-y. For Mertaka I’ve only really looked at the Restoration tree and I think I can handle that. I rarely ever run her as Elemental anymore so I’m not too terribly concerned with that tree at the moment, although I know I should be since that’s the spec I’ll be questing in. It’ll be a little weird to start stacking Spirit on her though! I honestly haven’t looked at any of the Death Knight DPS changes yet. I’m excited though to actually be able to use my Frost DPS spec. I’ve longed to play around on that ever since I bought Galdran’s dual-spec. Hopefully Blizzard has put into the game some actual one-handed weapons for us to use (hooray for no more rogue/hunter weapons!)

And on another awesome note: two guildies and I did a quick ZG run for mounts before the servers went down, and the Swift Razzashi Raptor dropped and I WON IT. I was astounded! I felt sorta bad though because the one guildies that went with us had been farming that place for a few months trying to get either mount out of there. I offered to trade it to him, but he let me keep it.


See you all post 4.0.1 😉


So! It’s been a while since I’ve posted. My apologies.

First order of business – for the clarity of the blog and the sake of my sanity, I’m now only blogging about my characters that are at level 80.

Not a whole lot new. I’m still raiding on Kandin, and now raiding on Mertaka as well now. Still hoping for Deathbringer’s Will for Kandin (which I lost a few weeks ago to a Feral Druid in the guild >.< ) as well as Zod’s. Mertaka is lusting after the healer shield from Marrowgar25, as well as Midnight Sun.

I’ve stupidly taken on the project of getting a Tauren Druid to at least level 30 before Cataclysm drops. Leveling is fine..and hopefully I’ll gather enough low-level profession materials on her to sell when the expansion hits and people are starting from scratch on a lot of new toons 😉

I’ve had a bit of guild drama lately. I won’t go in-depth because I never know who is reading or who is searching Google.  My husband and I have debated leaving the guild, but not only is it kind of a crappy time to guild hop with Cata around the corner, but our RL has a habit of talking badly about anyone who leaves the guild no matter what the reason and it sounds petty…but it would bother me. There is also the issue of our guild being a “Progression” guild, and we still haven’t downed Professor Putricide yet but we’re knicking off with someone else’s lockout to try to down Sindragosa and then move onto the Lich King so we can get some Kingslayers in the guild. It seems a bit shady to me. I can’t imagine having Kingslayer title, but then having to say I have never seen Blood Council/Blood Queen or downed the Prof. It’s not uncommon on our server lately to see PuGs that go much further than our all-guild runs and I’m beginning to question it. I want to see end-game content. I really do. And I want to see it with most of the people in this guild that I’ve grown close to. But when we have to carry folks who don’t want to gem or even gear themselves appropriately (i.e., one of our new mages refuses to gem for Spirit because he’s still under the impression that Spirit will be gone in Cataclysm)…I just don’t think we’ll ever get there.

Also, Malygos is the weekly this week. *WEEP