Moving on Up

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Nothing too exciting has been going on. I’m still working on gearing my wonderful DK (although I still haven’t gotten a good chance to play around with her Frost DPS OS yet), and still raiding on my hunter.

Hubby and I have actually changed our mains (my hunter, his warlock) and my shaman out of our original guild and into a raiding guild. I won’t lie; it’s a shit-ton of fun. Buuuut….I do worry a little bit about our former guildmates from the leveling guild. My alts are still in there, but I”m afraid it’ll be a little weird. Some other issues about the whole switching that I won’t air here on the Log, but, there are some there.

Raiding has been going well! Except that it seems like every other hunter on the realm is getting a bow drop from ICC except for me; I’m still stuck using the Felglacier Bolter from Heroic Pit of Saron. On my hunter, I’ve started the muddle through Armor Pen. versus Agility and…I’m hating it. A lot. I feel like a bad hunter for sacrificing precious Agility (which is also Attack Power, Crit, and a tiny bit of Armor) for Armor Pen. Especially as a MM hunter, I know I should start stacking Armor Pen, but then, some of the things I’ve read about it make really feel like it’s not worth it. I’m not sure how highly regarded WarcraftHuntersUnion is, but if he’s correct in his articles, and it takes 800 passive ArP to be worth more than 1 point of Agility…well, I’m a bit frustrated that I have a long way to go. Especially since I don’t think I”m even supposed to gem for Armor Pen. until I have 700 or 800 from gear. My DPS isn’t amazing as it is, and I really don’t want to take a further nose-dive on it while I try to bust tail to get a few more point of Armor Pen here or there. I know that when/if I get to the cap of 1400 I’ll love it, but I’m still not sure if that’s a path I even want to go down. I don’t even know for sure if Armor Pen will even still be here when Cataclysm drops. I would be more than angry to get all of the decent ArP gear I needed, only to have the stat be obsolete in about 6 months.