New patch, New beginnings

So, tonight was the night. My husband, myself, and 5 of our friends from the guild we were raiding in finally /gquit. We all did it at the same time, logging out of their Vent beforehand and just going quietly (well, as quietly as 7 people can leave anyways).

I’m not as sad or upset as I thought I’d be. I only will really miss one person from that guild and upon speaking to him later in the evening, he said he had no hard feelings and understood why we left and that he had sorta seen it coming for a while anyways. I still feel like we sort of stiffed him though; the 7 of us that left were sort of the core raiding group; we were the ones that were there on time, with supplies, who knew the fights…and now that guild is left with people who don’t.

We didn’t just gquit into the nothingness though – the past few days we had set up a guild site and planned a guild to get together to start fresh. Our new guild is Sanctis Draconis and we plan on making it into a 10-man guild, which is especially nice with the changes to raid lockouts in Cataclysm.

Speaking of Cataclysm, I am quite nervous for patch 4.0.1! I’m not ready to say good-bye to mana or my quiver and buying arrows on Kandin. I enjoyed buying arrows – in a way it made me feel more hunter-y. For Mertaka I’ve only really looked at the Restoration tree and I think I can handle that. I rarely ever run her as Elemental anymore so I’m not too terribly concerned with that tree at the moment, although I know I should be since that’s the spec I’ll be questing in. It’ll be a little weird to start stacking Spirit on her though! I honestly haven’t looked at any of the Death Knight DPS changes yet. I’m excited though to actually be able to use my Frost DPS spec. I’ve longed to play around on that ever since I bought Galdran’s dual-spec. Hopefully Blizzard has put into the game some actual one-handed weapons for us to use (hooray for no more rogue/hunter weapons!)

And on another awesome note: two guildies and I did a quick ZG run for mounts before the servers went down, and the Swift Razzashi Raptor dropped and I WON IT. I was astounded! I felt sorta bad though because the one guildies that went with us had been farming that place for a few months trying to get either mount out of there. I offered to trade it to him, but he let me keep it.


See you all post 4.0.1 😉



Again, it’s been a while. I’m quite terrible about keeping up with a blog.

I’ve been busting my buns to get my shammy, Mertaka, to level 80. And as much as I am kind of loathe to do it, (so long as I don’t suck) it looks like she’ll be a Resto shammy. She’s already dual spec’ed for it, sure. But. I hate healing. I think healing is scary. I get sort of overwhelmed trying to keep up with my group’s health bars and trying to decide which heal they need exactly so I’m not blowing mana on overhealing. Not to mention the freaking 2-month long cast time for Chain Heal. Thankfully now I have her in a guild where I can round up some semi-willing guinea pigs folks to run some dungeons with me on heals to let me get the hang of it. I’m really excited to get her to 80 and get her geared and hopefully do some raids on her. When I rolled her, I really never thought I’d get her past level 25-35 because hybrid classes didn’t really appeal to me, and now here she is – chucking lava at Scourge and zapping Iron Dwarfs *tear*.

ICC has been warming up to Kandin the past few weeks. She has two nice, shiny new axes from last week or the week before, and tonight, she FINALLY got a bow upgrade!! HOOORAY!!!! It wasn’t Zod’s, but I don’t even care at this point. I’m just so happy to have something that isn’t the Felglacier Bolter. And she got a ring off of Saurfang (10man) and got rid of her Dexterous Brightstone Band.  So here’s hoping for continued loving from loot drops! She also got her Crusader title today as well 🙂 My hunter has been a very busy girl. Next up: Exalted with the Argent Dawn.

Speaking of hunter things, we got 2 new Marksmanship hunters in the guild yesterday. Ugh. We already have so many hunters. I’m glad I”m getting gear now, but…geeze. I think that too is influencing my desire to get Mertaka to 80 and geared. I haven’t done a whole lot with my DK, Gladran lately unfortunately. It seems I can juggle only two characters at a time and those two are Kandin and Mertaka, but I’ve been trying to also squeeze in time on Issica (Forsaken warlock) and Roneka (Troll shadow priest) as well. It turns out that Affliction warlocks are stupidly easy to level in the 30s (from my experience anyways. YMMV). Roneka has 5 more levels until she’s out of the Outlands and into Northrend so I will probably try to focus on her a bit more. Northrend will be a blast on her – so long as she doesn’t get her cloth-covered ass beat in too badly.

Moving on Up

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Nothing too exciting has been going on. I’m still working on gearing my wonderful DK (although I still haven’t gotten a good chance to play around with her Frost DPS OS yet), and still raiding on my hunter.

Hubby and I have actually changed our mains (my hunter, his warlock) and my shaman out of our original guild and into a raiding guild. I won’t lie; it’s a shit-ton of fun. Buuuut….I do worry a little bit about our former guildmates from the leveling guild. My alts are still in there, but I”m afraid it’ll be a little weird. Some other issues about the whole switching that I won’t air here on the Log, but, there are some there.

Raiding has been going well! Except that it seems like every other hunter on the realm is getting a bow drop from ICC except for me; I’m still stuck using the Felglacier Bolter from Heroic Pit of Saron. On my hunter, I’ve started the muddle through Armor Pen. versus Agility and…I’m hating it. A lot. I feel like a bad hunter for sacrificing precious Agility (which is also Attack Power, Crit, and a tiny bit of Armor) for Armor Pen. Especially as a MM hunter, I know I should start stacking Armor Pen, but then, some of the things I’ve read about it make really feel like it’s not worth it. I’m not sure how highly regarded WarcraftHuntersUnion is, but if he’s correct in his articles, and it takes 800 passive ArP to be worth more than 1 point of Agility…well, I’m a bit frustrated that I have a long way to go. Especially since I don’t think I”m even supposed to gem for Armor Pen. until I have 700 or 800 from gear. My DPS isn’t amazing as it is, and I really don’t want to take a further nose-dive on it while I try to bust tail to get a few more point of Armor Pen here or there. I know that when/if I get to the cap of 1400 I’ll love it, but I’m still not sure if that’s a path I even want to go down. I don’t even know for sure if Armor Pen will even still be here when Cataclysm drops. I would be more than angry to get all of the decent ArP gear I needed, only to have the stat be obsolete in about 6 months.

Dungeon Finder Detour

So, I’m taking the afternoon off from dungeoning my DK’s brains out. I’m a bit sad because I’m quite close to a new trinket (and subsequently, a new build), but I think if I get grouped with one more “hurry plz i have raid in 15mins!!!!” or a tank that keeps kiting mobs out from the DPS’ range and then complaining about how the mobs aren’t downed fast enough, I think I’m going to snap. I’m no stranger to just plain old bad parties through the Dungeon Finder. I’ve endured my share of Ret or Fury tanks and hunters with spell power gear. But these past few days….just, I almost don’t understand how some of these people have made it to even the Heroic 5-mans.

But! I have learned some lessons via this…interesting time. And I would like to take a little bit to share some of those lessons with you, patient reader.

1. No one here cares about your raid in 15 minutes. Promise. You joined the queue on your own will without prompting from any of us, so deal with it. We’ll move as fast as we can, but that’s all we can do.
2. Rolling “Need” on plate DPS gear “to pvp in” not only frustrates the plate DPS and makes it look like you don’t know how to PvP.
3. When you queue as heals, that means you kinda have to heal *everybody* in the party – not just yourself and the tank.
4. Congrats on being a new tank – however, it might be wise to not queue as a tank until you have more than one piece of actual tank gear.
4-A. No, resilience gear is not actual tank gear.
5. I don’t care how much extra critical strike rating something gives you, if you’re a hunter, you should not be wearing anything with +spell power.
6. Except for a few cases, kiting mobs out of range from the rest of your party does not make you a l33t, awesome tank.
7. Auto-run does not turn off by screaming “SHIT”

On the raiding front, my husband and I attempted our weekly ICC25 PuG last night with Kandin and his warlock. It’s sort of not really a PuG for my husband and I anymore I don’t think; we’ve run with this guild (who puts on the PuG) for a month now and we talk with them regularly when we seem them around Dal and we get on with them quite well. We have a permanent invite to their raids and to join their guild =O Anywho, the PuG last night was not successful unfortunately. We kept wiping on Marrowgar. There is apparently something difficult to understand about “KILL BONESPIKES.” On the upside though, I finally got my Wodin’s Lucky Necklace ^_^Won it by 2 in the roll! Yea! Now if I could just get a weapon upgrade…Kandin is unfortunately still using Rimbebane Rifle (ilvl 219).

Well, off to cross-stitch and wait out the DF.

Two 80s, baby

Well it’s only taken me a month to actually, ya know, do something with this blog. I’m still sort of collecting thoughts and figuring out what will go in and what will be left out here, so just enjoy the ride 😉

Not terribly new news, but Kandin has been in ICC25-man twice 🙂 She is (ashamedly) not pulling top-10 DPS, but she’s close. If I remember right, I think she was around 12-14 in the meters. Hubby’s Affliction Warlock was DPSing the pants off of her. I really really want to maximize her. She’s my main – my first one to 80 and I want to stick with her; I enjoy the hunter class. But I get…overwhelmed sometimes I think by all of the threads, blogs, guides, etc…out there. And then there’s trying to find the most up-t0-date information amongst ALL of that. I’m currently swimming in the muck of Armor Penetration, and whether or not to include Arcane Shot in my rotation/priority. One more button to fumble over doesn’t really appeal to me.

My Death Knight, Galdran has reached level 80! Hooray for my second 80. She’s a Blood spec’ed DK, and….well, isn’t doing terribly well to be honest. I know I need to keep in mind that she’s still running around in a few quest rewards blues and greens, but still. Not to mention the whole melee DPS thing is a bit weird to me (Stand behind the target? Wut? Expertise?). I know Unholy is the DPS soup-du-jour and I’m a bit hesitant to go down that tree. Frost dual-wielding has sort of caught my interest, but I am worried that I will fail harder at that than I do with Blood. From what I’ve read so far, assuming it is up to date, Frost DW is quite proc-based; if A procs, use skill B. If A does not proc, use skill C, but if D procs, use skill B or C and then try to squeeze in skill E, etc…I don’t want her to be a fail DK. We actually have what I think is a good number of excellent DKs on my server and I’d hate to not even come close to that level of skill.

I think now is a good time to mention that I’m one of those terrible people who, unless I’m doing something extremely well, I’m just simply not having fun. The thought of being a sub-par DPS makes me want to hit the “Cancel Subscription” button. Then there’s the foray into Holy Priest healing that hasn’t been working out so well either. Turns out the Renews are most effective when you remember to actually target the tank. Who knew? I had a momentary thought towards tanking on my paladin (and the DK), but if my DPSing and healing are any reflection….I’ll spare others the repair bills and time LOL

Thanks for reading, and for bearing with me.

Meet the Team-Updated 10/5/10

First post – I thought it would be a good idea to introduce the characters that I will be talking about in my logs 😉 I will update this post with newer pictures when I can remember to do it.

This is my main-main, Kandin is a Marksmanship spec’ed hunter who is still angsting over armor penetration. No off-spec; I even leveled her as Marksman when I was an n00b.

Gladran is my Death Knight, Blood main spec (for the next 2 months anyways!) and a Frost DPS off-spec that never gets used. I have an odd, love-hate relationship with this toon. One day she’s fun to play, the next I’m wondering why I don’t make her bank spec and park her in Orgrimmar.

Mertaka is my “other main.” Her main spec is Elemental, but she sees most of her days in her Resto off-spec, and we’re okay with that because shammy heals are fun!