20 Days of WoW Bloggging – Day 9

Day 09 โ€“ Your first blog post

Waaaay back when I first started this blog, my very first post was the obligatory introduction post, talking about my main toons at the time. Looking back, it’s almost sort of cute. Only 3 80s at the end of Wrath compared to the…many more 85s I have by the end of Cataclysm, I don’t know how I didn’t get bored faster with only 3 max-level toons! Well, I suppose only 2.5 since I am/was pretty hot & cold with the Death Knight. Also, OMG THOSE GEAR SETS. I know I can transmog them now, but just looking at the screenshots gives me a little of that unique nostalgia of winning those big gear upgrades. I’m a little afraid that if I transmog those sets, seeing them everyday will wear away at that feeling.

Also not really limited to my first post; rather this applies to probably the entire first half of this blog, looking back I feel like I tried so hard to come across as someone I wasn’t. Which is a bit of irony especially with an introduction post.


20 Days of WoW Blogging – Day 8

No apologies for lack of updates. I do what I want ๐Ÿ˜‰

Right then, down to business; where I left off. I told you all, I was determined to finish this thing no matter how long it took me.

Day 8 – 10 things we donโ€™t know about you

Hrm, well. This one is rather awkward to me. Chances are good that if you don’t already know it about me, I don’t want you to know it. But, to play along with this I will try to figure out 10 previously unknown things about myself to all of you.

1. I love having an avocado for breakfast. An avocado in the morning to me, is what coffee is to normal people in the mornings.

2. I dabble in Rift. And am terribly excited for their expansion coming out soon! I play on both factions there as well.

3. I have never seen the movie Grease. Nope. Not even once.

4. I make the best scrambled eggs.

5. ((I’m struggling to come up with more for this list))

6. My first gaming console was a classic Nintendo.

7. I sleep on the right half of the bed, with a 20lb Lhasa lodged firmly in my back or attached to my hip.

8. I really do wish we could all just get along.

9. My favorite coffee is a Caramel Mocha from McD’s, although it will never quite fill the gap that Seattle’s Best left behind.

10. I feel like the only one who is not going to make a Pandaren monk in the next expansion; Draenai and Trolls monks, all the way.

And there we have it. 10 random things you most likely did not know about me. Some game-relevant, some real life-relevant. This post was a huge pain to do because I’m normally a private person, especially online. I usually just wait for people to ask if they want to know something.