Again, it’s been a while. I’m quite terrible about keeping up with a blog.

I’ve been busting my buns to get my shammy, Mertaka, to level 80. And as much as I am kind of loathe to do it, (so long as I don’t suck) it looks like she’ll be a Resto shammy. She’s already dual spec’ed for it, sure. But. I hate healing. I think healing is scary. I get sort of overwhelmed trying to keep up with my group’s health bars and trying to decide which heal they need exactly so I’m not blowing mana on overhealing. Not to mention the freaking 2-month long cast time for Chain Heal. Thankfully now I have her in a guild where I can round up some semi-willing guinea pigs folks to run some dungeons with me on heals to let me get the hang of it. I’m really excited to get her to 80 and get her geared and hopefully do some raids on her. When I rolled her, I really never thought I’d get her past level 25-35 because hybrid classes didn’t really appeal to me, and now here she is – chucking lava at Scourge and zapping Iron Dwarfs *tear*.

ICC has been warming up to Kandin the past few weeks. She has two nice, shiny new axes from last week or the week before, and tonight, she FINALLY got a bow upgrade!! HOOORAY!!!! It wasn’t Zod’s, but I don’t even care at this point. I’m just so happy to have something that isn’t the Felglacier Bolter. And she got a ring off of Saurfang (10man) and got rid of her Dexterous Brightstone Band.  So here’s hoping for continued loving from loot drops! She also got her Crusader title today as well 🙂 My hunter has been a very busy girl. Next up: Exalted with the Argent Dawn.

Speaking of hunter things, we got 2 new Marksmanship hunters in the guild yesterday. Ugh. We already have so many hunters. I’m glad I”m getting gear now, but…geeze. I think that too is influencing my desire to get Mertaka to 80 and geared. I haven’t done a whole lot with my DK, Gladran lately unfortunately. It seems I can juggle only two characters at a time and those two are Kandin and Mertaka, but I’ve been trying to also squeeze in time on Issica (Forsaken warlock) and Roneka (Troll shadow priest) as well. It turns out that Affliction warlocks are stupidly easy to level in the 30s (from my experience anyways. YMMV). Roneka has 5 more levels until she’s out of the Outlands and into Northrend so I will probably try to focus on her a bit more. Northrend will be a blast on her – so long as she doesn’t get her cloth-covered ass beat in too badly.