Meet the Team-Updated 10/5/10

First post – I thought it would be a good idea to introduce the characters that I will be talking about in my logs 😉 I will update this post with newer pictures when I can remember to do it.

This is my main-main, Kandin is a Marksmanship spec’ed hunter who is still angsting over armor penetration. No off-spec; I even leveled her as Marksman when I was an n00b.

Gladran is my Death Knight, Blood main spec (for the next 2 months anyways!) and a Frost DPS off-spec that never gets used. I have an odd, love-hate relationship with this toon. One day she’s fun to play, the next I’m wondering why I don’t make her bank spec and park her in Orgrimmar.

Mertaka is my “other main.” Her main spec is Elemental, but she sees most of her days in her Resto off-spec, and we’re okay with that because shammy heals are fun!