Faction Warp

A Happy New Years to all my readers! Well, a belated one at any rate. Hope the recoveries are going well.

One of my Christmas presents this year was a faction and server transfer for my (formerly) Draenai paladin, Crimiia.
As she was (saying her farewells to King Wrynn):

And as she is now:

Yes, I know – I’m terrible for adding another Blood Elf paladin to the already existing ocean of Blood Elf paladins. The deal breaker for me between a Blood Elf or a Tauren paladin as silly as it sounds was the class mount. The Sunwalker kodo is so hideous IMO. I know I don’t *have* to use it, of course. But still. Ick.

My hopes are to get her going as a holy paladin and find pallies as a class in which healing is not completely frustrating and stressful. Not to say I’d immediately bin the shammy…but it does seem a bit implied.