Tuesday Downtime

Waiting for the realms to come back up makes me feel like I’m waiting for a bus while not having anything else to pre-occupy my attetion.

Galdran had a very productive night last night! Well for starters, her DPS went up a lot – I just had to change her rotation/priority around a bit and -BAM!- better DPS. It’s a pretty nifty feeling, thinking you’re low on the metters, and then when you open it up, you’re 4 out of 10! She got her second piece of T9 gear, and…ran VoA 10 and 25.
And, got ilvl 251 PvP legs in a drop on the 25-man. Goodbye quest blues!
I’m really really excited with how well Galdran is doing. I’m slightly astonished at how easy she is to gear compared to Kandin. I”m still considering a dual-wielding Frost DPS build for Galdran too, so if anyone happening by here knows of some good, up-to-date resources on that, I would be very appreciative of links ­čÖé I have an article off of wow.com and the EJ guide, but I’m not sure how up-to-date those are with the current patch and whatnot.

The more I read about the RealID…trainwreck, the more I can’t help but to…be more concerned. I never really supported the “real names in forums” feature from the get-go, don’t get me wrong, but I enjoy/ed RealID on my Friends List in-game. I like having one name to group up 5-8 different characters. I enjoy talking to my husband while he’s on his Horde warlock melting faces on one server and I’m on a different server building up my Draenei army (yes, they’re blue and they will seduce the SHIT out of you). Buuuut…after reading other blogs and becoming more acquainted with the issues other folks have been raising and fleshing out, I’m not entirely sure that I can in good faith keep using the RealID feature. Not until Blizz gets their poop in a group on it anyways. I think that over the course of a few patches, hopefully less, that Blizz might make this feature more user friendly: Making your name viewable to only immediate friends, perhaps, and none of this friend-of-a-friend silliness? And certainly none of this forum nonesense. I am NOT condoning their current cock-ups with RealID. I am concerned yes, but I am also optimistic that they will learn how to use┬áthis feature wisely. They are humans behind the corporate logo – not omnipotent gods.