Dungeon Finder Detour

So, I’m taking the afternoon off from dungeoning my DK’s brains out. I’m a bit sad because I’m quite close to a new trinket (and subsequently, a new build), but I think if I get grouped with one more “hurry plz i have raid in 15mins!!!!” or a tank that keeps kiting mobs out from the DPS’ range and then complaining about how the mobs aren’t downed fast enough, I think I’m going to snap. I’m no stranger to just plain old bad parties through the Dungeon Finder. I’ve endured my share of Ret or Fury tanks and hunters with spell power gear. But these past few days….just, I almost don’t understand how some of these people have made it to even the Heroic 5-mans.

But! I have learned some lessons via this…interesting time. And I would like to take a little bit to share some of those lessons with you, patient reader.

1. No one here cares about your raid in 15 minutes. Promise. You joined the queue on your own will without prompting from any of us, so deal with it. We’ll move as fast as we can, but that’s all we can do.
2. Rolling “Need” on plate DPS gear “to pvp in” not only frustrates the plate DPS and makes it look like you don’t know how to PvP.
3. When you queue as heals, that means you kinda have to heal *everybody* in the party – not just yourself and the tank.
4. Congrats on being a new tank – however, it might be wise to not queue as a tank until you have more than one piece of actual tank gear.
4-A. No, resilience gear is not actual tank gear.
5. I don’t care how much extra critical strike rating something gives you, if you’re a hunter, you should not be wearing anything with +spell power.
6. Except for a few cases, kiting mobs out of range from the rest of your party does not make you a l33t, awesome tank.
7. Auto-run does not turn off by screaming “SHIT”

On the raiding front, my husband and I attempted our weekly ICC25 PuG last night with Kandin and his warlock. It’s sort of not really a PuG for my husband and I anymore I don’t think; we’ve run with this guild (who puts on the PuG) for a month now and we talk with them regularly when we seem them around Dal and we get on with them quite well. We have a permanent invite to their raids and to join their guild =O Anywho, the PuG last night was not successful unfortunately. We kept wiping on Marrowgar. There is apparently something difficult to understand about “KILL BONESPIKES.” On the upside though, I finally got my Wodin’s Lucky Necklace ^_^Won it by 2 in the roll! Yea! Now if I could just get a weapon upgrade…Kandin is unfortunately still using Rimbebane Rifle (ilvl 219).

Well, off to cross-stitch and wait out the DF.


Tuesday Downtime

Waiting for the realms to come back up makes me feel like I’m waiting for a bus while not having anything else to pre-occupy my attetion.

Galdran had a very productive night last night! Well for starters, her DPS went up a lot – I just had to change her rotation/priority around a bit and -BAM!- better DPS. It’s a pretty nifty feeling, thinking you’re low on the metters, and then when you open it up, you’re 4 out of 10! She got her second piece of T9 gear, and…ran VoA 10 and 25.
And, got ilvl 251 PvP legs in a drop on the 25-man. Goodbye quest blues!
I’m really really excited with how well Galdran is doing. I’m slightly astonished at how easy she is to gear compared to Kandin. I”m still considering a dual-wielding Frost DPS build for Galdran too, so if anyone happening by here knows of some good, up-to-date resources on that, I would be very appreciative of links ๐Ÿ™‚ I have an article off of wow.com and the EJ guide, but I’m not sure how up-to-date those are with the current patch and whatnot.

The more I read about the RealID…trainwreck, the more I can’t help but to…be more concerned. I never really supported the “real names in forums” feature from the get-go, don’t get me wrong, but I enjoy/ed RealID on my Friends List in-game. I like having one name to group up 5-8 different characters. I enjoy talking to my husband while he’s on his Horde warlock melting faces on one server and I’m on a different server building up my Draenei army (yes, they’re blue and they will seduce the SHIT out of you). Buuuut…after reading other blogs and becoming more acquainted with the issues other folks have been raising and fleshing out, I’m not entirely sure that I can in good faith keep using the RealID feature. Not until Blizz gets their poop in a group on it anyways. I think that over the course of a few patches, hopefully less, that Blizz might make this feature more user friendly: Making your name viewable to only immediate friends, perhaps, and none of this friend-of-a-friend silliness? And certainly none of this forum nonesense. I am NOT condoning their current cock-ups with RealID. I am concerned yes, but I am also optimistic that they will learn how to useย this feature wisely. They are humans behind the corporate logo – not omnipotent gods.

Two 80s, baby

Well it’s only taken me a month to actually, ya know, do something with this blog. I’m still sort of collecting thoughts and figuring out what will go in and what will be left out here, so just enjoy the ride ๐Ÿ˜‰

Not terribly new news, but Kandin has been in ICC25-man twice ๐Ÿ™‚ She is (ashamedly) not pulling top-10 DPS, but she’s close. If I remember right, I think she was around 12-14 in the meters. Hubby’s Affliction Warlock was DPSing the pants off of her. I really really want to maximize her. She’s my main – my first one to 80 and I want to stick with her; I enjoy the hunter class. But I get…overwhelmed sometimes I think by all of the threads, blogs, guides, etc…out there. And then there’s trying to find the most up-t0-date information amongst ALL of that. I’m currently swimming in the muck of Armor Penetration, and whether or not to include Arcane Shot in my rotation/priority. One more button to fumble over doesn’t really appeal to me.

My Death Knight, Galdran has reached level 80! Hooray for my second 80. She’s a Blood spec’ed DK, and….well, isn’t doing terribly well to be honest. I know I need to keep in mind that she’s still running around in a few quest rewards blues and greens, but still. Not to mention the whole melee DPS thing is a bit weird to me (Stand behind the target? Wut? Expertise?). I know Unholy is the DPS soup-du-jour and I’m a bit hesitant to go down that tree. Frost dual-wielding has sort of caught my interest, but I am worried that I will fail harder at that than I do with Blood. From what I’ve read so far, assuming it is up to date, Frost DW is quite proc-based; if A procs, use skill B. If A does not proc, use skill C, but if D procs, use skill B or C and then try to squeeze in skill E, etc…I don’t want her to be a fail DK. We actually have what I think is a good number of excellent DKs on my server and I’d hate to not even come close to that level of skill.

I think now is a good time to mention that I’m one of those terrible people who, unless I’m doing something extremely well, I’m just simply not having fun. The thought of being a sub-par DPS makes me want to hit the “Cancel Subscription” button. Then there’s the foray into Holy Priest healing that hasn’t been working out so well either. Turns out the Renews are most effective when you remember to actually target the tank. Who knew? I had a momentary thought towards tanking on my paladin (and the DK), but if my DPSing and healing are any reflection….I’ll spare others the repair bills and time LOL

Thanks for reading, and for bearing with me.