Sword and Board and a New Healer

Happy Maintenance Day 😉

In fun happy news, this past Saturday our guild finally got Omnotron Defense System down (we one-shotted it, even!). I know for most of my readers that sounds like such a silly, simple thing to be happy about, but that fight had been giving us such grief for about a month now. Most of the raid team wanted to extend the lockout so we can go forth and attempt Maloriak and Chimaeron, although I would like to get a few more solid downs on ODS before moving on…but we’ll see. I don’t think the Maloriak fight will be too harsh; ODS taught some of the more slack raiders to move when they need to, but I hope our add management gives me some concern. As for Chimaeron…ugh. I don’t think the other healers quite understand yet what a pain in the ass that fight is going to be.

Crimiia has taken up a Prot spec! I’ve only gotten to tank on her a handful of times now and it’s not as scary or terrible as I thought it was going to be, but I’m still worried that I’m squishy and/or not moving fast enough. I did manage to do the heroic Ozruk fight correctly on just the second try last night so that gave me a confidence boost. I’m still a little lost in my stat priority at the moment; the other prot pally in the guild tells me to go Mastery, but I don’t think my Dodge and Parry are where they need to be and what about those pesky Hit and Expertise ratings? I’m currently not running by myself as tank in randoms; heck, I don’t even care to run unless I have 2 guildmates queuing with me when I tank. I’m reserving total judgment on tanking until I’ve done some more of it. I have to keep reminding myself of that especially when I see the crafted tank items on the AH for about 4k…

Another area I’m dipping my toes into recently is PvP. Healing in PvP has been pretty rewarding and I’m very glad to have it as a break from raiding. Mertaka is sitting nice at just over 3100 resilience thanks to juggling 2 2-piece bonuses from shaman gear and in a nice 3v3 team with the husband’s Demo warlock Kazishini and a real-life friend on an Unholy DK, and Crimiia just got her 4-piece Bloodthirsty and I’m hoping to team up with a Frost mage for a 2v2 team. I’m actually wondering, when I get more comfortable with prot, if I might do better in arenas as that spec, but grinding out another set of PvP gear for that is definitely not at the top of my priority list for Crimiia. Tol Barad on our sever has done wonders for grinding up honor for Crimiia’s gear 😉

Also on the healing front, Kaz has taken up the project of leveling a Resto druid. Yep; the soul-sucking warlock who has no mana drain and whose DoTs are easily expelled has a softer, more helpful alter ego now. Surprisingly, I had very little to do with it but it’s still rewarding in a way to sit back and watch him heal in 5-mans while quietly uttering expletives under his breath at tanks in DPS gear and DPS who don’t know how to drop their aggro. The pinnacle of him seeing the healer side of things (in my opinion anyways) came about a week ago as he was healing an Outlands dungeon and right after a particularly hairy trash mob he had sat to drink and suddenly one of the DPS’ health started to drop in large chunks and his initial reaction was “OMGWTF is hitting him!?!” …until he realized it was a warlock. Life Tapping. Kaz got a good laugh out of it, turned and explained to me what just happened and said “Oh. So that’s why you yell at me when I do that.”