20 Days of WoW Blogging – Day 5

Without further delay…day 5! I’m a quarter of the way through this meme. It’s been a bit slowed but I’m still rather proud of making it this far in.

Day 05 – Favourite item(s) in game

For me, this depends entirely on the character in question. I know in this post I will talk a lot about what items I’ve kept; since I can tend to be a neat-freak about my characters’ bank space it’s safe to say that if I’m keeping it, it’s a favorite.

Kandin collects her bows. Hell, I think she may even still have the Felglacier Bolter in her bank. I like to keep her bows and guns because they’re the feature weapon for her class.

For Crimiia and Mertaka, they have their shields – Mertaka more than Crimiia since Crimiia never really got to do much in Wrath in the way of dungeoning and raiding. Although thanks to some retro-running, Crimiia did end up with the Ice Layered Barrier from Hodir’s rare cache that is rather nice looking.

The other favorite item(s) that goes across all of my characters (at least the ones that reached level 80) is their tier 10 gear. Kandin still has her t10 gear, Mertaka has her t10, and Roneka even has her t10 as well. I’ve debated on going back and getting Crimiia’s t10 set as well because pally skirts are love; I plan on making the t12 pally skirt her first valor purchase!


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