20 Days of WoW Blogging – Day 4

Sorry for the enormous lapse in posting! Real life has had me a bit tied up and/or distracted. So I’m here to hopefully pick this up and continue now to the end.

Day 4: Your best WoW memory

This is kind of hard for me. I imagine like a lot of other WoW players, I have a lot of “best” memories!

Of course I’m listing getting to level cap (80, at the time) on my first toon, Kandin the hunter alongside my husband’s warlock Kazishini. I even remember the area we were in when I dinged 80!
The first time our guild downed the Lich King with 9/10 guild members. We had pugged our off-tank from one of the more progressed guilds on the server and some may say it was a carry (and I truly do not believe it was), but that doesn’t detract at all from the excited yells and laughter that flooded our Ventrilo when we saw that bastard hit 10% and kill all of us. I remember it was the Day of the Dead holiday; in the screenshot of the achievement, Mertaka is a little undead girl in a black dress!
(Yes, I’m a Wrath baby so a lot of my firsts were in that expansion)

But then, I have other “best” memories, like when we created our guild and got it rolling. The 7 of us (now down to 6, sadly) were finally free from the train wreck that was our old guild. We could do things our way and improve upon the things that we took with us from the old guild. We’ve had lulls and some down slides, but we’ve managed to hang in there and more or less work as a team and I’m quite proud of us.

My first successful time healing a dungeon on Mertaka without having an in-guild tank is another one of my best memories. I don’t remember the dungeon, but I do remember this sort of feeling of “Oooh,I’m a REAL healer now!” come over me and it was such a confidence boost to know that that healing thing I’d been so afraid of? Yea, I could do that on my own now.

Really though, I think this topic is a bit odd or at the very least worded oddly. How does one have a best memory? Even if the scope were my entire life so far, I know I wouldn’t be able to single out one best memory.


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