20 Days of WoW Blogging: Day 3

Ah! I missed Day 3 yesterday, so here it is. For those of you paying attention, sorry about missing yesterday!

Day 3: Your first day playing WoW
This strikes me for some reason as an odd thing to blog about.

My first day playing while I was still playing on the 10-day trial, I rolled a Troll warrior on The Underbog, a PvP server, because one of my friends insisted that a PvP server was the BEST way to enjoy the game. I remember I had gotten her to about level 13 or 15 and I don’t even think I had spent her talent points yet. Most of the leveling was thanks to killing plainstriders on one of the mountains in the Barrens while I looked for my class quest objective (turned out I had been killing things on the WRONG DAMN MOUNTAIN for about 45 minutes). Then later that evening while at the Crossroads, figuring out what I wanted/needed to do next, I was asked to tank Wailing Caverns.
Tank? What’s that?
A dungeon? What’s that?
At this point I feel I should mention that I was wielding a 2-handed sword and probably had some cloth and/or leather gear on.
While I had no idea what exactly I was being asked to do, I gave the other people fair warning of it, and followed them in. What happened next can be quickly summed up as 30+ minutes of them yelling at me “Warrior come hit these things and get them off the healer!” Needless to say I was pretty anxious and upset by the time I had the courage to say “Guys, I can’t do this. Sorry.”

So, yep. There ya go. My first day of playing WoW. Usually happenings like that will put me off completely from something, so in retrospect I find it surprising that that run didn’t put me off from WoW.

Day 4 of this meme will be so much better – promise!


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