The Shattering – a Week’s Reflection

So while we’re waiting for  the Tuesday maintenance to run it’s route, I figured now would be a good time to throw down my thoughts on our new Azeroth.

On my server, it seems that Orgrimmar has become the focal point for Hordies, and with it being the most changed city on Horde side I guess it makes sense. But. I know I would’ve liked to have seen the other cities changed at least a little bit too – like the elevator doorways in The Undercity being redesigned so that Tauren (and sometimes Trolls) don’t have to dismount before going through. And Thunder Bluff has all sorts of possibilities for changes between the Shattering and the death of Cairne. As it was stated in The Queue on WoW Insider ( [I hate getting links to work right] Orgrimmar and Stormwind are meant to be the center of culture for their respective sides. My only issue with this for Orgrimmar is, how does it act as a center of culture for the Horde when half of the races under that faction are barely represented, if at all, there? Sure the Blood Elves have a small delegation party in Grommash Hold…but that’s it. If you don’t go into the Hold you don’t even know they’re there. And Forsaken? To be fair I can understand why the Forsaken are sort of kept in the back room under heavy supervision and not really talked about. But they’re still part of the Horde. And the Darkspear? Well, suffice to say I am very eager to see how that relationship plays out. I like to think that perhaps Blizzard is paving the way for a third, semi-neutral faction?I certainly wouldn’t mind.

A Troll Druid has been added to my Character List! I’m having such a blast with her as a feral kitty and questing through some of the new zones. Every Hordie definitely needs to quest chain through Southern Barrens. Makes me wish I had taken some screen caps of Camp Taurajo pre-Sundering. Stonetalon Mountains is also a good place to quest now as well. The quest chain that start out of Krom’gar is a very wonderful quest chain! I had the opportunity to quest in Thousand Needles, but I hated it so much pre-Shattering that even now, all I do is laugh as I fly over the water-logged region on a taxi.

Also now on my List o’  Toons is an Undead Mage. Which doesn’t sound very special until you realize how many Undead Hunters there are running around out there right now, then anything that isn’t a hunter is quite rare!  Silverpine Forest and (so far) Hillsbrad Foothills are my favorite areas to quest.  And for my Alliance readers….don’t worry; we’re taking real good care of Southshore 😉 I haven’t done too terribly much on my mage yet; right now we’re waiting for my husband to catch up on his shadow priest so we can quest together.

My 80s are just pretty bored at this point. There’s no real reason to raid ICC, and the only raid Kandin needs for a meta achievement no one will run willingly. So she’s been spending a good bit of time in Outlands grinding reputations and earning tabards. Mertaka is holding out in Dalaran enjoying the peace and quiet. Roneka passes the time in Orgrimmar while procrastinating on getting her tailoring maxed out.

All in all, I’m sort of relieved with the Shattering. It wasn’t as severe as I thought it was going to be, but I am pretty happy over all with the changes that were made; I definitely look forward now to the expansion release and now just hope I’m good enough to keep raiding through the Cataclysm content.



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