Good News Everyone!

Checking in again!

First off, I’d like to add Roneka, my troll Shadow Priest, to the roster as another level 80 character! It’s sort of a weird time to ding 80 with all of the flux going on getting ready for a new expansion but she was worth it. Gearing has been going a bit slowly and I’m trying to decide if I want to make her off-spec Holy or Disc (it’ll mostly depend on the guild’s needs thought I’m sure). For now, she’s having fun melting faces off in the Random Dungeon Finder.

And now.
Bigger news.

Tonight, after being together for only 3-ish weeks, our guild Sanctis Draconis with the help of Comohawk, downed the Lich King! We have 9 Kingslayers in our guild now out of about 18 members – half of our guild! It was a pretty exciting fight. And yes, before anyone has to go spoil my joy…I know it’s a 30% buff which most hardcore guilds consider a carry. I know that most classes are OP now since 4.0.1. BUT. We’re still so thrilled. Especially with the things that were said to/about many of us upon leaving the former guild, getting this achievement and title before them and without them makes it even more delicious. We’re planning another run tomorrow night or in a few days to get the rest of our guild members through and to try to get everyone in the guild a Kingslayer title, then in a week or two start trying to work on Heroic modes. I know it won’t matter much with Cataclysm around the corner, but for us as a guild it means a lot. I can’t quite describe it.

Sorry for such a short post on an exciting event – but sleep can’t wait til I’m dead unfortunately.


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