Drama Has Us on Follow

In a not particularly surprising turn in the guild split, tonight our ex-raid leader has further gone to show his immaturity and the lengths he’ll go to to protect his fragile ego. I normally would not post details of what was said like this, but I am so upset; I am furious.

One of our old guildmates asked where some of us had gone – he noticed there was a mass exodus the previous night and wasn’t sure if he was out of the loop or what. Our ex-raid leader, keeping in line with his previous behaviours that led up to a bunch of us quitting, replied “Well, let’s just say that we finally got rid of all of the people who were causing the wipes on raids.”

Excuse me?


Yes, clearly it was the 7 of us, and not the other stupid hunter that went into ICC without being hit capped who also stood in Blistering Cold and who dropped Ice Tombs in the middle of the raid. And ran away from the spores on Festergut. And stood in the pretty designs on the floor on Lootship. And melee’d on the Blood Beasts. And then had to ask if he wanted items with Agility and Stamina on them. Nope, clearly not him. His shit is together, obviously.
It also surely was NOT the (priest) tank healer who kept running in front of the dragon and getting cleaved and breathed on.
I’m sure it also isn’t the other tank healer/raid-leader’s girlfriend (a holydin) who is often out-healed by the tank himself and sounds like she’d rather hang herself than be healing in a raid.
I don’t think it’s the Arcane mage gemming for Stamina and mp5 either; he clearly knows what he’s doing.
Or the Survival hunter trying to stack Armor Pen at the expense of Crit.
Or the Fury Warrior using BC and pre-BC gems in his l33t ICC gear (that he started much loot drama over).
Or the other Fury Warrior only doing 2200dps (with the 30% ICC buff).

Yes, looking at these fine individuals, I an now see that the 7 of us were totally the root cause of every single wipe that ever happened in ICC while raiding with our old guild. I understand that not all of the examples I listed above would directly cause a wipe, but it leads me to think that if these individuals can’t even get a handle on some of the basic….workings of their respective class(es), how are they grasping mechanics of encounters?

The 7 of us were pretty well content to just leave without causing a scene (or at least, a big, dramatic scene) and to just let it all blow over and resume raiding on our own to pass the time until Cataclysm. We might have even still offered profession services and help to the old guild if asked. But not now. Not after that. For the ex-raid leader to tell such a blatant bold-faced lie to the entire guild when he knows better – fuck, when he Frappes everything and can go back and SEE for himself – it’s just unacceptable to me. I don’t feel that I’m upset over the game itself. Rather, I am appalled and infuriated by the people I am/have interacted with in the game.


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