So! It’s been a while since I’ve posted. My apologies.

First order of business – for the clarity of the blog and the sake of my sanity, I’m now only blogging about my characters that are at level 80.

Not a whole lot new. I’m still raiding on Kandin, and now raiding on Mertaka as well now. Still hoping for Deathbringer’s Will for Kandin (which I lost a few weeks ago to a Feral Druid in the guild >.< ) as well as Zod’s. Mertaka is lusting after the healer shield from Marrowgar25, as well as Midnight Sun.

I’ve stupidly taken on the project of getting a Tauren Druid to at least level 30 before Cataclysm drops. Leveling is fine..and hopefully I’ll gather enough low-level profession materials on her to sell when the expansion hits and people are starting from scratch on a lot of new toons 😉

I’ve had a bit of guild drama lately. I won’t go in-depth because I never know who is reading or who is searching Google.  My husband and I have debated leaving the guild, but not only is it kind of a crappy time to guild hop with Cata around the corner, but our RL has a habit of talking badly about anyone who leaves the guild no matter what the reason and it sounds petty…but it would bother me. There is also the issue of our guild being a “Progression” guild, and we still haven’t downed Professor Putricide yet but we’re knicking off with someone else’s lockout to try to down Sindragosa and then move onto the Lich King so we can get some Kingslayers in the guild. It seems a bit shady to me. I can’t imagine having Kingslayer title, but then having to say I have never seen Blood Council/Blood Queen or downed the Prof. It’s not uncommon on our server lately to see PuGs that go much further than our all-guild runs and I’m beginning to question it. I want to see end-game content. I really do. And I want to see it with most of the people in this guild that I’ve grown close to. But when we have to carry folks who don’t want to gem or even gear themselves appropriately (i.e., one of our new mages refuses to gem for Spirit because he’s still under the impression that Spirit will be gone in Cataclysm)…I just don’t think we’ll ever get there.

Also, Malygos is the weekly this week. *WEEP


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